Boyer Machine & Tool Co., Inc. ensures a quick lead time by performing a detailed part compatibility analysis with our Esprit, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks design software programs. Our experienced engineering staff will advise on modifications that will reduce production costs and increase the part’s functionality requirements.

Quality Control Equipment

(1) Hexagon Global S Green 7107 CNC Bridge CMM with PC-DMIS CAD++ Programming Software
(1) Brown & Sharpe Mistral 775 CNC Bridge CMM with PC-DMIS CAD++ Programming Software
(1) Aberlink Extreme 500 CNC CMM with Aberlink3D Programming Software
(1) Keyence IM-6225 Image Measuring System
(2) Oasis Optical Inspection System
(1) Vision Engineering Kestrel Video & Optical Measuring Microscope with Quadra-Chek QC-300 DRO
(1) Optical Comparator Model CCP CC-14 with Measure X Software
(1) Optical Comparator Model OQ-14A with Clip Plus Vision Controller
(1) Optical Comparator J & L Classic 14T with MetLogix Mx200 DRO
(1) Unitron Tool – Makers Microscope & Accessories
(1) Tomlov DM9 7” LCD Digital Microscope 1200X
(3) Vision Engineering Microscope (Mantis)
(3) Bausch & Lomb Zoom Inspection Microscope & Stand
(2) GagePack 2000 Calibration Software
(1) SQC Pack 2000 Statistical Analysis Software
(26) Wedege Link – Data Collection Software
(1) Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Data Collection System
(2) Mitutoyo SURFTEST SJ410 Surface Roughness Tester
(1) Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
(1) Millipore Cleanliness Test Station
(multiple) Digital Indicator, Micrometer, Caliper and Bore gages
(multiple) Thread & Pin Gages